Your partner at every step of the electronics manufacturing

With 19 years of experience, ESEMDA offers full serial electronics production services: everything from the initial idea to the serial production based on client's individual needs and technical requirements.  Our team consists of professionals in mass production, design, engineering and prototyping fields. Due to this, we aim to bring Your products to market forecasting mass production and end-to-end life cycle management.  Head office and manufacturing site is in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Serial Electronics Production & Prototyping

ESEMDA provides full set of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for bringing Your products to market efficiently, at the right time and of the highest quality. In addition to cutting edge equipment and technologically advanced capabilities, we put emphasis on providing You with the most skilled engineering and production teams.

  • PCBA
  • Post PCBA services
  • Box-build
  • Supply Chain Managment
  • Electronics design
  • X-Ray Quality Inspection

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our customers, we oversee the entire process, everything from PCB and component supply, PCBA to product packaging and shipping. Yearly investment in new equipment letting us increase productivity and automate electronics production processes.

  • SMT lines for mass production and prototyping (01005, micro BGA, fine pitch packages)
  • Through Hole Technology (selective, wave & manual soldering)
  • Quality control: 3D SPI, 3D AOI, X-RAY
  • IPC-A-610 Class 2/Class 3 compliance
  • RoHS or leaded soldering, soldering in N2 reflow
  • Mechanical assembly

Post PCBA Services

Using modern equipment and ensuring quality at all stages of production, we provide a wide range of electronics manufacturing services after PCB assembly. During the entire electronics production cycle, the products are assembled into cases and packed in specialized consumer packaging.

  • Functional testing, firmware upload
  • Automatic washing
  • Automatic selective coating with UV drying, automatic potting
  • Rework

Box Build Assembly

We provide not only printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), but also box build integration assembly for sub-systems, modules and full commodity integration. ESEMDA is constantly optimizing the assembly processes of electronics production and strive to make it as more efficient as possible. High-quality and all-inclusive electronics manufacturing services as well as a professional team could be Your key to enter markets successfully.

  • Final product assembly
  • Full system testing & product configuration
  • Warehousing & Logistics

Electronics Design

With our in-house design team and extensive engineering & electronics manufacturing know-how, we can actively contribute to every part of the process: from design and prototyping, to mass production.

  • Design for manufacturability
  • Hardware design
  • Software design

X-Ray Quality Inspection

To avoid mistakes and ensure the highest product quality, we are enabled by the YXLON industrial X-Ray machine, which inspects the most complex electronic components and PCBs at any stage of electronics production.

  • X-Ray Inspection service
  • X-Ray Inspection in assembly or post-assembly stage

Supply Chain Management

We offer customers a planned and uninterrupted supply process of electronic components using and intelligent supply chain system. 

  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • PCB & Components supply
  • Dry storage & Pre-baking of MSL components
  • Supply of other production materials
  • Warehousing service


You will always benefit more from having a business partner who plans a few steps ahead. Traceability down to the smallest electronic component is implemented in our electronics production process.

  • Improves manufacturing processes
  • Defect detection and removal during production
  • Improving quality and ensuring compliance
  • The cost-effectiveness of electronics production and guarantee timely delivery

Packing & Delivery

Our team of electronics manufacturing professionals will select the best packaging methods for each product and ensure safety during transit. By cooperating with long term logistics partners, we could guarantee the most optimal transportation solutions and ensure that shipments will be delivered safely both in Lithuania and worldwide.  

Aftersale Services

Quality is our priority. ESEMDA provides warranty for all of our electronics services and performs non-warranty modifications, including remounting of complex package (e.g. BGA) components.