Order form

Download and fill in the order form and send us at orders@esemda.com

Assembly drawing

In assembly drawing, the components reference designators, rotations, component land pads must be specified. All special requirements for component mounting must be specified.  

BOM (Bill of materials)

Assembly aside, in the BOM file all required components reference designators, quantities, manufacturer part numbers and IC markings must be specified. We also need a revision and their change log (history) for documentation.

Pick & place file

Specify coordinates in mm. Coordinates of fiducials must be included.

Related Information for a Box Build Assembly

  • BOM (Bill of Material) for box level components (consign or turnkey)
  • 3D CAD box assembly drawing
  • Circuit diagrams (Electrical systems schematics)
  • Test procedure and estimated time
  • Tooling and fixtures
  • Special testing equipment
  • Size and weight of the unit
  • Detailed build instructions
  • Sample unit if available
  • Testing: basic electrical safety testing, functionality testing
  • Acceptance Criteria  
  • Any other special instructions

Additional information

  • PCB data. We prefer Gerber RS-274-X format. Solder paste layer must be included in gerber files. Requirement for PCB should be specified in text file or in gerber files. If electrical, impedance or other test are needed, this must be specified.
  • If programming/testing is needed, please provide detailed procedures for these operations.
  • If IPC-A-610C 3 is needed, this also must be specified. By default, Esemda is using IPC-A-610C class 2 for assembly quality control.
  • If possible, please add photos of fully assembled product or a real sample.