November 10, 2020

Today Covid-19 virus is still a major challenge for many countries around the world. In this situation we try to stay rational and concentrate even more. Due to this, ESEMDA actively cooperates with customers from the medical industry in the fight against a pandemic. Also, we consciously and responsibly take all precautions within the company to ensure the safety of our employees and the consistent provision of electronic device manufacturing services to our customers.

Nowadays we have the same most important goals – a safe work environment and quality implementation of customers expectations. Therefore, we have adapted to the current situation – virtual business meetings have replaced the physical ones, as well as this we have expanded and improved the capacity of IT systems, installed protective walls in workplaces, everyday all our staff use desinfectants, etc. These are our key priorities. For this reason, today our operations are running largely as normal without any interruptions.

In this challenging period we do not stop moving forward. It is very important to remain a united and dynamic team at every step.
Let‘s stay healthy and safe!

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